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Dear friends,

The Krugloe region is one of the most beautiful places in the Mogilev oblast with beautiful lakes, forests and rivers. The region can boast a peculiar history, rich customs and traditions. The region’s history is closely intertwined with that of the Polotsk and Drutsk principalities. Czar Aleksei Mikhailovich had his headquarters here. Famous politician Kazimir Oginsky and Princess Catherine Dashkova owned these lands.

The region has a rich and coloful history. It witnessed the French occupation, the Soviet revolution, the fight against the Nazis during WWII and postwar economic restoration. Both now and always, our generous and courageous people were the most valuable asset of the region.

Today, the Krugloe region is the place where the heroic past meets the present. We live in a peaceful state in a peaceful time. We have entered the new millennium with confidence. The region boosts production, implements the state rural revival programme.

One who remembers its past is alive. We should preserve and increase the glorious past of our ancestors and realize that the bright future is created today.

With respect,

The Chairman of the Krugloe Regional Executive Committee Dutsko Anatoliy