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Social sphere

Preservation and promotion of the Belarusian customs and traditions, historical and cultural heritage, popularization of arts and crafts, provision of leisure activities for the locals are also in the spotlight of the Krugloe region administration. There are 38 public facilities in the region, including community centers, libraries, a children’s art school, the regional museum of local lore, an arts and crafts center. 

Local community centers often organize festivals and concerts. Bands “Verasnyanka” and “Batleika” have the titles of Honorary.

The hunting center Padar is located 35 kilometers away from the town of Krugloe and nine kilometers away from the village of Shepelevichi. The center features a guest house, a sauna, a canteen, a recreation room and a billiard room.

There are 15 schools attended by 2,229 pupils in the region attend. There is also an evening school and a boarding school for orphans.