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Two garment factories to open in Mogilev Oblast in Q1 2018

MOGILEV, 4 January (BelTA) – The Belarusian branch Sharm Premyer of the Russian Smolensk-based knitted-goods factory Sharm will open garment factories in Krichev and Bobruisk in Q1 2018. The two factories will focus on making the Russian youth apparel lineup Tvoe, BelTA learned from the Belarusian company’s Director Tatiana Andrushchishina.

The enterprise in Krichev will use spare premises of the Krichev rubber goods factory of the Belarusian tire maker Belshina. State-of-the-art equipment has been acquired. Seamers are being prepared and trained. The enterprise is supposed to start operating on 29 January. It will create about 350 jobs and will be able to make some 300,000 ready-made garments per month.

A similar enterprise will be commissioned in Bobruisk in March 2018 using rented premises. It will create about 240 jobs and will make about 200,000 garments per month. The goods will be made on commission and will be exported to Russia. Initially they will be shipped to warehouses in Chekhov, Moscow Oblast. Afterwards they will be sold via the distribution chain Tvoe, including to Belarus where about 40 proprietary outlets have been opened.

Tatiana Andrushchishina attributed the choice of Mogilev Oblast as the place to open the two factories to favorable business terms, the availability of qualified personnel, good logistics, and proximity to the Russian border.

The new factories will make apparel for young people, primarily T-shirts, trousers, skirts, shorts, sweaters, breeches, polo shirts, and tank tops.

The Sharm Premyer enterprise is located in Baranovichi, Brest Oblast. It is a daughter enterprise of the Smolensk-based knitted-goods factory Sharm, which in turn is part of the holding company Russky Trikotazh. The enterprise has been working in Belarus since 2006. Since then it has set up three manufacturing wings where 236 seamers work now, creating a total of 360 jobs. The enterprise makes about 250,000 garments per month. Sharm Premyer’s branch in Vitebsk started working in December 2017.


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